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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Abuse Cover-up on Spec. Needs Students in Fulton County Schools

Please share this heinous abuse cover-up with other disability lists and parents. If anyone knows of any other abuse in Fulton County, please contact Spec. Ed. Attorney, Chris Vance at 404-320-6672.

CBS had done an amazing job reporting this news…….please comment and thank them!

Exclusive: Parents say Fulton covered up student abuse – Two parents come forward The report indicates the abuse occurred between 2004 and 2007. More than 10 teachers and school staffers gave statements to investigators indicating they witnessed Pickens "hitting Jake on the back of the head." Statements also revealed Pickens kicked, cursed, pushed and regularly restrained Jake in a seclusion room for long periods of time. The report also names at least five other special needs students were named in the report as well. Jake has Angelman's syndrome, a neuro-genetic disorder that causes developmental disabilities.

Third parent claims Fulton County Schools covered up abuse Ronald Hatcher's son Aaron has since died, which he also blames on recent abuse by another teacher. Aaron, who suffered from muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy, attended Hopewell Middle School in Alpharetta. According to the reports Pickens cursed at Aaron, isolated him for hours and once picked him up from his wheelchair and slammed him down on a mat. "We took him to the doctor and his hip was dislocated but we didn't know why," said Hatcher. Aaron's teacher forced Aaron to wear an unapproved neck brace which caused Aaron to stop breathing several times.

Parent of student sprayed with Lysol demands answers from Fulton schools – 4th Parent to come forward Repheka Persadi has Downs Syndrome and can't communicate verbally. According to the report, when Repheka "'passed gas' in class, she has been (rather harshly) removed from her seat, taken into the hall, sprayed with Lysol, especially around her bottom, and made to stand in the hallway."

Parents say abuse cover-up extends to state agency Parents of special needs students reportedly abused by their special education teacher are outraged that neither the Fulton County School System nor the state's child protective services agency reported the abuse to law enforcement for two years.

Per Leslie Lipson with GA Advocacy Office PLSP program – Teachers and Administrators are mandatory reporters! Administrators are suppose to report abuse within 24 hours.

In order to stop these criminal acts, this story must be shared. Parents must advocate for cameras in the classroom, esp. for non-verbal children who can’t speak for themselves. .

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