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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Melanie Pickens Abuse Case Update - Fulton Hopewell Middle School

See information below from attorney Chris Vance.  Please attend and share this information on other lists and FB pages. 


Background information on Melanie Pickens abuse of special needs students at Fulton’s Hopewell Middle School (Warning - it is so horrific gag trigger) – ALL parents esp. in Fulton County Schools should read this information – see what your tax $$’s are paying for:


Fulton County Schools Investigation Report


GA Professional Standards Commission Investigation


Melanie Pickens Proposed Termination (although she resigned)


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From Chris Vance, Attorney for Special Needs Students abused in Melanie Picken’s classroom at Hopewell Middle School.


On January 27, 2014 at 9 a.m. a motions calendar will be held, and during that time, Melanie Pickens’ motion to dismiss will be heard.  Pickens’ attorney is arguing that Pickens is immune from criminal prosecution for abusing disabled children for 3 years (she actually has been reported to have done so for 5 years), arguing Pickens is immune from prosecution. 

The argument is that Pickens putting children restrained to chairs in rooms by themselves in the dark was done in “good faith.”


The facts of what Pickens did is so much worse to me than what Fulton County is claiming, and for her attorney to assert immunity is an outrage to society.  In civil cases, an attorney who makes assertions in bad faith can be held liable, but it seems that criminal defense attorneys can make any bad faith argument and not be held accountable, wasting tax payer money and insulting the poor children so horrifically abused.


In any event, it is important for the Honorable Henry M. Newkirk and the media to see that WE WILL NOT TOLERATE SUCH ABUSE OF OUR DISABLED CHILDREN.  We MUST stand together and unite.


The motions calendar begins at 9 a.m., and everyone really needs to be there by 8:30.  I pray the courtroom will fill quickly and the hall overflow – we MUST stand up to public school abuse.


The location is as follows:


Superior Court of Fulton County

Judge Henry Newkirk’s Courtroom (just ask going in the door where it is)

136 Pryor Street SW

Atlanta, GA  30303


Please attend and have everyone you know who cares attend.


ABC and CBS Atlanta will be present if Judge Newkirk allows their presence.  We need to all stand together on this one – these children were so abused, and my estimates indicate that at least 35-50 educators knew about the abuse, beginning from 2002 to 2007.  If you read the over 20,000 documents regarding the abuse, you would not sleep well at night, to say the least, and these children will never recover.


Please share this email with anyone and everyone who cares about disabled children. 


Please try your best to be present.






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