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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Decoding Dyslexia in GA!

FYI – Information about Decoding Dyslexia in GA!


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Carol Sadler, Special Education Consultant/Advocate
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1105 Rock Pointe Look
Woodstock, GA 30188

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Decoding Dyslexia is a national grass roots movement driven by families concerned with the limited access to educational interventions for dyslexia.  Georgia officially joined this movement in March 2013.

We attended a great conference in NY- hosted by the Yale Center for Creativity and Dyslexia.  We listened to the great wisdom of  Drs. Bennett and Sally Shaywitz.  They spoke to us about what Dyslexia is and what type of interventions are necessary to re-mediate it and that those interventions are available- but that the school systems across the nation are not implementing them- nor are they properly identifying students who need them!  This needs to change!

Approximately 1 in 5 children are dyslexic!  That is about 6 students in the average class in the US who struggle to read!!  These children are left to feel STUPID- That should not be!  In fact usually its quite the opposite!  Dyslexic children are above average to superior intelligence!

We also heard from some very well educated mom's from Texas- which is supposed to have the "best laws for dyslexics" and they do have some great laws- that are NOT being adhered to by the public school system- the mothers of these dyslexic children told their stories about their struggle to get their kids proper remediation in TX-  unfortunately their story was no different than many others we heard from all over the US.

So where does that leave DD movement?

We were left with a grass roots movement to empower parents and ignite change.

1st Empower parents through knowledge of what Dyslexia IS and how to remediate it!

2nd- Tell our story - to everyone - teachers, administrators, boards of ed, superintendants, legislators, etc.

3rd- Visit legislators and participate in advocacy at the state level - share a consistent message as other DD states are giving and ask them to join the Dyslexia Caucus. 

4th- Support legislation that makes sense for our dyslexic students

If you are interested in joining our network-  please “Like” us on Facebook

To volunteer, email us at  

Be looking for information on our upcoming meetings and events- to be posted on our FB page. 

Colleen Beguiristain

Founding Member, DDGA