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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Paula Merritt Hopewell Fulton County Abuse Cover-up - Macedonia Concerned Parents

It has come to my attention that the Fulton County IST involved in the Hopewell Middle School Abuse and Cover-up of special needs students by teacher Melanie Pickens, Paula Merritt is moving from Mountain Road Elementary School as Asst. Principal to Macedonia Elementary School in Cherokee County GA. I wrote to Dr. P with my concerns in 2011 when she was hired by the district.

Several parents from Macedonia have now contacted me with concerns regarding Paula Merritt’s involvement in the Hopewell scandal and cover-up and are concerned about her being an administrator in their school.   I agree and believe that parents should be concerned, esp. since Asst. Principals are typically over Special Education services.  After what I have read in these reports, everyone should be concerned!

Macedonia Concerned Parents will be meeting at the Woodmont Golf Club dining room ( )  in Cherokee County at 12:30 tomorrow 4/22/15 for lunch and are inviting any other concerned parents or advocates to join them.  Anyone interested in more information can contact Sarah Gallagher .

I know that some parents are writing letters to the Cherokee County School Board.  I’m attaching 2 files regarding one case filed and pending against Paula Merritt.

You can also view previous information, articles, and investigation reports related to this abuse and cover-up on my Blog at:

Gag warning, the abuse is so horrific you may need to prepare yourself before reading.

Please share this information widely with others in GA Schools, esp. Cherokee and Fulton Counties.  We must never forget.

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