Carol Sadler
Special Education Consultant/Advocate
1105 Rock Pointe Look
Woodstock, GA 30188

I am a lay Parent Advocate assisting parents of children with disabilities in school IDEA, 504 and SST meetings. I am a former CHADD and LDA Coordinator, graduate of the 1st GA Advocacy Office PLSP legal training course and most importantly parent of two children with various disabilities.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Carol Sadler - ADD Expert Speaker on OFI, March 17 at 8:00pm

OFI - The Optimal Functioning Institute
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Carol Sadler: The Difference is in the Details (Spectrum Overlap)
Led By: Madelyn Griffith-Haynie
Starts: 03/17/2005 at 8:00 pm
Schedule: Thursday, March 17 at 8:00 pm 1 Session, for 1 Hour
Tuition: Free

About this program:
The ADD Expert Speakers Series
one of OFI's ADD Hours™
brought to you by
Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, MCC and The Optimal Functioning Institute™
through the generosity of our Speakers -- who volunteer their expertise for the benefit of all.

March topic: The Difference is in the Details

ABOUT the speaker:

A former CHADD & LDA Coordinator, Carol Sadler is a special educational advocate, coach as well as therapist for many of her clients. The foundation for her extensive knowledge base came from seven years of investigative efforts to help her own children. With personal experience with ADHD & OCD, she stays current with ADHD, comorbid disabilities as well as advocacy issues through her work as a professional advocate and consulting with a special education attorney.

She currently moderates five ADD listservs - which she founded - offering e-mail support for individuals looking for help and information, each serving specific segments of a similar population.

As a result of ongoing research and experience in the field, she is adept at screening her clients and figuring out what's "wrong" with them, which is critical in getting them both the medical and educational help they need.
ABOUT the Focus of the Hour:

Carol Sadler believes that no professional can truly offer help to a child or adult with disabilities until they know exactly what they are dealing with. OFI observes that we rarely find much of anything we don't know to look for and that, without a fairly good "picture" to compare with what we do find, it is highly likely that we will misunderstand or misidentify what jumps out at us.

So what might that include for those of us who work professionally with ADDers?
According to the NIH study, 69% of the individuals with ADD have at least one comorbid disorder . . . so that statistic indicates that two thirds of the population we serve exhibits additional co-existing symptoms, syndromes or conditions in combination with their presenting diagnosis -- in statistically significant numbers greater than we find in the general population.
Which ALSO means fewer than one third of the ADDers we work with have ADD in isolation.

Are we looking for what we need to find in the remaining two thirds?
Even more important, do we know what to do with what we find?

Some other statistics put forth about ADD comorbidities include:
mood disorders (15-20%)
anxiety disorders (20-25%)
oppositional defiant disorder (up to 40%)
conduct disorder (15-20%)
learning disabilities (15-25%)
language disorders (30-35%)
and the anecdotal report that up to 75% of ADDers have comorbid sleep disorders.

When the presenting diagnosis is something other than ADD, it gets more complicated still. Up to 60% percent of children with tic disorders also have ADD, for example.
More recently, we have begun to identify a growing number of ADD/Aspergers overlaps, and a diagnosis that still puzzles many of us: ADD/PDDNOS -- Pervasive Developmental Disorders Not Otherwise Specified.

What's Going ON?

The association between comorbid disorders may reflect an underlying vulnerability to "related" disorders, a causal relationship between one disorder and another, or may turn out to be unrelated to any common etiology or vulnerability at all! As a field, we are still unsure of the reason for the overlaps, even as most of us understand and agree with the importance of looking for them.

Those of us who work with ADDers realize how common it is to find impairments in cognitive processing that are not "officially" part of the ADD Diagnosis as described in the DSM.
We have come to expect that part of our work with ADDers will include, to varying degrees and in various combinations, working with challenges of memory, sequencing, motor skills, social skills, modulation of emotional response and reactions to discipline, trouble with transitions and difficulties with time.

Apart from the corroborating studies, we have observed in our practices that overlapping diagnoses are frequently discovered in individuals clinically treated for ADD and, sadly,
almost as frequently overlooked.
How can we HELP?

As a field, the more we each understand the nuances and implications of attentional spectrum disorders, the better we become at helping those we work with learn to manage their lives successfully, turning their "disorder" into a "difference" that, ideally, can become a strength.

In order to help Adults and children with ADD effectively, all ADD professionals need to possess a general understanding of each of the co-morbid disorders and an excellent understanding of the ones exhibited by the individuals we work with.

At the same time, the scope of the task demands the development of resources within our communities so that we can refer our clients when appropriate or necessary.
If the difference IS in the details, we need to develop procedures that allow us to capture those details.

This month's expert speaker has volunteered to share expertise gained through her experience with Pervasive Developmental Disorders, as well as her favorite intake questions -- the "camera" she uses to take a clear picture that will guide her in developing effective strategies, regardless of the combination of details in the picture. She will also share resources from the Georgia Children's Network.

Won't you join us? And please, plan to stick around for the "Post Game Wrap-Up" hour immediately following to ask questions, talk about the implications, and share your experience and expertise with the rest of us.

It takes a village to educate a world!

MORE about Carol Sadler:

More than anything else, she considers herself the proud mom of two lovely AD/HD daughters, ages 10 and 13. It wasn't until her 2nd daughter was diagnosed with ADD - Inattentive Type that she realized she was "the gene spreader" -- AD/HD herself.

In order to better support her children, both at home and school, she became a CHADD volunteer and LDA Coordinator in Atlanta for almost 4 years, currently working in private practice as a Special Education Consultant/Advocate, supporting parents in school meetings designed to accommodate their children's disabilities. In addition to her work with a private special education attorney, she often volunteers with the GA Advocacy Office Attorneys, representing parents who cannot afford a private attorney/advocate.

As a result of the combination of her children's disabilities, her work with various organizations, extensive personal research, and her own "inside knowledge" of ADD, Ms. Sadler has developed considerable expertise with issues of mental health, neurological and developmental disabilities, advocacy, and special education laws.

She continues to be an outspoken advocate for people with AD/HD and co-morbid disabilities, with far-reaching effectiveness through her disability listservs, which allow her to share advocacy information and details about ADD and co-morbid disorders with individuals around the world.

Carol Sadler
Special Education Consultant/Advocate
Graduate of GA Advocacy Office - Parent Leadership Support Project I
1105 Rock Pointe Look
Woodstock, GA 30188

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