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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let the State Advisory Panel on Special Education hear your voice!

FYI – It’s very important for all of us to speak out!


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Carol Sadler, Special Education Consultant/Advocate
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Last State Advisory Panel meeting there were 3 written comments and no folks standing up to speak.  I want taxpayers and stakeholders to know and use the State Advisory Panel process to strengthen education in Georgia.


There are two methods to make public comment:


Submit written public comment to State Advisory Panel on Special Education!

-        Write your comment and email it to by 3 days before the meeting which is November 4th, 2009 and it will be read to the whole panel


Come give oral public comment to the State Advisory Panel on Special Education!

-        Oral public comment is on November 10th at 11:30 am. 

-        The State Advisory Panel for Special Education will hold this meeting November 10-11, 2009 at the Mansion on Forsyth at 700 Drayton Street in Savannah (Telephone number 912-238-5158).  


Here is more information taken from the State Advisory Panel’s policies and procedures:

  Procedures for Public Comment



The following are guidelines for public input (taken from the SAP Policies and Procedures manual).

 Thirty minutes will be allocated on the agenda for public input at each meeting.  Additional time may be added at the discretion of the Chair.

  • Public comment is limited to no more than 5 minutes per person.
  • A sign-in sheet will be available at the registration table. Those wishing to speak will be asked to sign in. The Chair will call on individuals based on the order participants have signed in.
  • Public comment may be oral or in written form to be read by the Chair.
  • Each speaker will clearly state their full name and county of residence.

·       All public comment should be factual and should not include personally identifiable information of students or personnel in order to maintain confidentiality.  Speakers should avoid using names of students or staff and maintain confidentiality and privacy standards.

  • All public comments will be taken under advisement by the Panel but will not elicit a written or spoken response.  The names of persons providing public comment and a brief summary of topics or input will be included in the meeting minutes published.


Submitting written public comment

·       The public may submit comment in written form to be read by the chairperson and/or distributed at State Advisory Panel (SAP) meetings during the public input session, if unable to present in person.

·       All written comments must be submitted via email, mail or fax (404 651-6457) to the chairperson and received at least 3 business days prior to the scheduled meeting.  Any written comments submitted after that time will be read and/or distributed at a later SAP meeting.

·       Written input must include the name, address and county of residence of the person submitting comment. Specific issues about a particular student should be addressed to the Georgia Department of Education, Divisions for Special Education Services and Supports rather than the SAP.


If anyone needs special assistance to participate in the public input session, every effort will be made to provide the accommodation. When requesting accommodations for public input, please allow no less than 3 business days notice prior to the scheduled meeting.

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