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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

OCR Complaint - GNETS/SB 10

FYI - In response to my OCR complaint regarding children in psychoeducational institutions (now called GNETS) vs GADOE regarding SB10 - Special Needs Scholarship Fund, please see below the letter sent to the GNET Directors clarifying their eligibility and procedures to calculate their scholarship funding amount. 
In additional, a letter has been added to the DOE SB10 website to parents regarding the calculation of their scholarship at: .  
It can be accessed at  under the Communication Box titled "To GNET Parents 8/14". 
I would like to thank Jeff Gagne for his help in resolving this matter, and of course OCR as well.
Please feel free to distribute to other parents and disability list servs.
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As we discussed, I am providing you with a copy of the GaDOE e-mail that went out the Georgia psycho-educational schools (GNET) today regarding the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship program and scholarship amounts.

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Dear GNET Directors:

As of August 3, 2007, parents of students at Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Supports programs can go to the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program website to calculate their child's potential scholarship for the 2007-2008 school year.   We wanted you to be aware of this in case you have parents who come to you with questions about the scholarship program.  


The first right hand box on the website labeled "Private School Choice" contains everything a parent will need to know to apply for the private school scholarship.

1) Directions to Apply (a five step process)
2) Parent Intent Form (electronic form submitted on the site)
3) Eligibility & Amount (scholarship calculation application)
4) Private School List (updated on August 10, 2007)
Questions & Answers (80 FAQs)

Parents should download and read the directions to apply.  After completing the Parent Intent form, they should go to Step 2 and calculate their scholarship amount. If they have any problems calculating their child's scholarship, please have them contact me by e-mail. Directions follow below.

The application requires an exact school name match.  In many cases, the child was reported to a home school for FTE-1, and it is that home school information that must be entered into the application to get a scholarship calculation successfully.  

Step 2) Calculate Your Child's Scholarship

Using the Scholarship Calculation application on our website, please calculate the estimated amount of your child's scholarship for the 2007-2008 school year.
Instructions In order to determine the amount of your child's potential scholarship, you will need to provide the following:

• School system your child was enrolled in last October (2006);
• School your child was enrolled in last October (2006);
• First name, initial only;
• Last Name; and
• Student's date of birth.

If the parent of a student served by GNETS cannot calculate a scholarship amount successfully, they should e-mail their child's first name, middle initial, last name, date of birth, school and system name for 2006-2007 and a phone number (in case we need to call you) to Chances are they are inputting the wrong school name.  They will need to know the school the system reported their child to in 2006. We can provide that information.

If you have any questions regarding the Georgia Special Needs program and its implications for GNET students or if  parents  are having problems calculating their child's scholarship, please contact Jeff Gagne at  

Funding for the scholarship for students being served by GNETS will be derived from QBE and or GNETS budgets.   For students served full time by GNETS, the funding will be taken from the GNETS allocations at $1970.00 per segment for a total of $11,820 for 6 segments.   For those students who are not enrolled full time in GNETS, but receive services from the local school system or the GNETS teacher is paid by the system, the funding will come from QBE earned by the system.   We will be working to see how funding for students served by GNETS can be addressed in the future.  

 If you have any other questions at this time regarding the implications for the funding of the scholarships for GNETS students, please contact Kim Hartsell at .

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